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I'm slowly starting to get passion back, nothing like good company to remind me how nice it is to release from the daily stresses,
and just reflect the ohhhs and ahhhs of natural beauty. I met some fine folks in Crested Butte for a little gathering called Rocky
Mountain High (RMH). I worked in New Mexico the week of and went from Los Alamos to Golden to Crested Butte; then straight
to the trailhead (thanks Elizabeth for taking me there!). No rest for the wicked...

Are we there yet, are we there yet? Note: the shadow of bikes on roof rack.

I adore the blue sky and green mountains. This was the view from the coche headed up to the infamous 401 trail. Yup, we shuttled it.

Shuttle logistics.

Crested Butte is a wonderful scenic area. Odd not to have Anthony or Andy with us though...


Clay rippin' it up! He drove out from Oklahoma for business and pleasure.

This is how we roll!

Not quiet fall...yet...

Post ride-hydration, Buddy style!

Post ride-hydration, human style!

No, he wasn't tired after the ride, he wanted more and more...