September 15 (Anthony's Birthday)  

It was a day I was dreading. Just a realization that indeed Anthony did pass away and we were at this special place to spread his ashes.
We drove in late on Sunday evening and Monday morning we awoke to this. I had no idea was this place looked like in the daylight.
Boy was I in for a treat...

Anthony visited this area frequently with his father, as an escape, to run, to run freely. He loved the desert for the vast historic pleasures.
It made him complete again.

As the sunlight slowly started shedding its golden light, I had a chance to peak at where the road ends. It ends at this canyon;
in which the earth gives away to this amazing depth, exposing the layers.

Yes, it is really that amazing.

...and then we started our hike. I'm scared, I'm nervous, I don't know what to expect, I am still tasting the tequila from the night before...

He is with us.

It was a perfect weather day.

There were dogs, as Anthony would have approved. They are pretty smart, peering over, getting close, but not too close...

There it is. The Citadel House, the place where Anthony and his dad cherished and now rest.

It was a nice hike down to get to the peninsula.

The perspective is amazing in this photo. We are a spec compared to the vast, rocky, landscape upon us.

"It is hard to say whether I have absorbed this landscape or it has absorbed me," it is hard to believe he wrote these words...
for as the landscape did absorb him.

A few of us split from the main group to view other ruins. We were blessed to have had shelter while the skies opened up for a little downpour.
The hike back was rewarding, as we were an audience watching the lightening shows and storms in the distance.

Anthony's closest family and friends. I adore him for bringing us all together...


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