It was a 60 degree December day. I almost went up skiing, but I really wanted to play in the city I moved back to: Denver.
I really like Denver. Moving from Washington, DC to Denver was an easy transition. The crime is a lot lower, the hood is
pretty small, and it is an incredibly active younger populated town.


Icy Sloan's Lake.




Is it really ice?




Toast. Maybe...




When you ride a bike, you notice things that you normally zip by in a vehicle.




Art girlz...







Reminds me of the old Kings Dominion Ride, old wood and rickety...




Under the bridge...




Off the bike path.




For some reason, it still looks like fall (in December).








We rode by the skate park; in the background is Coors Field.







Lil' guy and bigger guy.




Oh yes, lets not forget the National Velvet in Denver. The Westword has another name for this piece of art...




Urban Girlz.




Doggie park in the city.




Cycling girlz are cool.




Market Street and moon (and at 3:30 pm, it was time to head back to Edgewater).




Yummy, we ate at The Market before riding home. Serving LODO for 25 years!
My professor at UCD took our class here one afternoon. Until next time, Denver...