We had a quick trip out to visit Holly and Steve at their wonderful cabin in the woods.

The drive down to Durango was beautiful! This was around the Fairplay area off 285.

Ari and I stopped on Wolf Creek Pass to have lunch, and what a view we had to look at! The forest was exploding with the yellow aspens.

When going to Durango, you must bring bikes!

We got to the cabin before dark and I was able to wander around and take photos. This is right at the entrance to the cabin, so sweet.

As you see from their backyard, the aspens up high were turning.

I adore the aspens with a red hue.

A year ago, Steve etched his own memory in an aspen tree. Anthony's initials were transformed: A as a mountain, V as a stream, and S as a road.

The view from the tree.

There was some much older tree carvings in the area; I loved how this one became embossed.

Have you ever seen a snail this small?

They were very excited to showcase their new friends.

Steve found another creature on our way out, a large grasshopper!

While we were staging a group shot, Steve found another critter - this time a tiny garden snake!

Our group shot, including dog butt! They don't understand the 10 second to pose rule!


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