Dave, Ariana, and I headed down to New Mexico for a little Gaspin' in the Aspen, or GITA, a fun mountain bike experience.

santa fe truck

Nice old cars are a typical part of the landscape in Santa Fe. This was near the start of the shuttle, Rio Medio.

Heading down the first meadow was fast and furious.


Beautiful, I love riding this time of year. A hint of cool and the trees turning the beautiful gold tones.


Dave following Ramon heading down to the really steep stuff.


Waterfalls grace the trail as you head lower.

Sometimes you don't really want to get your feet wet, or endo. I did just that (endo into water) earlier this year going from Georgia Pass to Breckenridge.

Evan rippin it up on his newish 5.

Rio Medio has some gnar-gnar trails! Then off to work I went...

Onward to Saturday = Pajarito Ski Area


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