Holly and Chance live in East Village in a quaint neighborhood with shops, restaurants, and a park within walking steps from their front door. Ariana and I had some business in Philly, so we just took a short bus ride from Philly to NY for a visit to help host her baby shower!


Holly's studio is practically downstairs from her apartment (she has a shorter commute than me). Inside was lots of hats and bridal wear.


Once we arrived and got settled, we were eager to help prepare for guests to arrive. Ariana is putting together little umbrellas for rum drinks.


This is Chance, Holly's husband. He is from Trinidad and he was making a tasty rice dish which included pumpkin, carrots, and green chile pepper. He also made fried plantains and then Holly made shrimp and pineapple skewers.


This was a view from their rooftop. We were supplementing their apartment space with this one, but the clouds deemed threatening.


We had games to play, such as guess the candy bar melted in a diaper. Tami wins this game like a pro, I think she has done this before.


Party on the rooftop. We had to add more layers as the afternoon went on to accommodate the ever changing weather (note Ariana's hands inside her jacket).




I loved the tiki decorations. It made the gray sky a bit more festive!


This was an interesting view from the rooftop looking down over the street. I got warned to be careful on this one since I was kinda close to the edge.


The ladies with Holly. She really looks great, and has been incredibly active during her pregnancy.


This was right after she opened her presents. Her mom has been stocking up on little baby clothes for Miss Maya, so this girl already has a full closet!


Towards the end of the party, the girls did their thang, and the boys did theirs (kind of like back in middle school, when the boys stood on one side of the room, and the girls the other! Apparently, there has been a recall of toys made in China, so the guy on the right was going to return his gift for something non-toxic.