Ariana competed in mountain bike nationals in July. We were thankful they were right in our backyard, Granby Colorado at Sol Vista.

Girls came from all over to compete in mountain bike nationals! It was a great turnout for Cat 2 women, 15-18.

19 seconds until the start of the race!

Ari had a great position at the start line, which made for a strong start up the first grunty hill.

I used the telezoom lens to capture this photo. This is where Ari started making her move, and I stood down below the course to nervously wait as she continued on.

Her category did one larger loop, so I used the telezoom lens again to verify the red I was seeing! I was so excited since I knew she did very well!

ari racin

Coming down the last hill!

Right at the finish line, big smiles!

I'm so proud of Ariana, she did great and had fun!


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