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In April 2008, Ariana and I had an opportunity to fly to Philadelphia for a long weekend! We then took a bus from
Chinatown Philly to Chinatown New York for two quick days in New York!

We had a layover at Chicago, and I thought New York's slogan was I love NY, not I love Chicago!

Chicago is known for their dogs!

We finally got into Philly, and we were wired! It was a beautiful spring evening, so we hit the streets.

Our hotel was located near this famous clock tower, so we always knew how to get back home!

Very patriotic! We were there when Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were campaigning.

Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love!

The city cops were on these strange things.

They had the most wonderful open indoor market! Check out the size of these shrimp...yummy...

An old train car converted to a diner. Cities have so much to see...

The family in the historic hotel. Shown behind them is a picture from way back.

Shaftway; what is a shaftway?

Don't block the box! A fairly busy intersection in downtown Philly.