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Ariana and I headed down to Pueblo, Colorado for a little ride at Lake Pueblo State Park. Wow, this is the second weekend in a row I rode bikes at a state park...




Just earlier this year, I rode these trails with Anthony and crew on a "layover" from Colorado to New Mexico.
Poor Ari had a hard time last year and had to turn around early, so I was anxious to show her the trails she missed!




This trail is appropriately named Stonehenge.




Hmmm....singletrack. A view from The Edge trail.




Weeee.....fun rock ledges...




Did you know it is all about the socks!




I installed a new rear tire a got from the Kenda rep. It tracked pretty darn good, and it is only a 2.1! (A Nevegal - John Tomac series)




Can you say butt-back?




Let's not forget about the mini-me! She "rocks", hehe...




There are some interesting trail names out there, such as Broken Hip, Bones, Skull Canyon, and Dead Dog.




Woohoo, Ari cleaned this section of Lower Dog!




This is my favorite shot!




We were sooooo lucky with the weather, since when we were driving and arrived south of Colorado Springs, it became overcast and cold.




Heading back to the parking lot. Ari and I both cleaned our last run, Skull Canyon.




On the reservoir, there was one lone sailboat, and a few birds...




We packed up the E and headed north; another fine time in Pueblo!




I live within walking distance to a Safeway and I earned reward credits! Wow, $1.27 a gallon...