Ariana raced the last Mountain States Cup at SolVista and we camped out for it! Her team, COMotion was celebrating their 9th Mountain States Cup win for cross-country. She also wanted to try Super-D racing, which is a cross-country-styled downhill course.

The pro men flowing down the waterfall section of the Super-D course.

Mike West tearing it up and takes the win.

Sarah tearing it up, she also took the win.

Of course, she LOVED it!

We were getting Ari's new Yeti dialed it - looks like the fork was near perfect.

The next morning was the cross country start. After a leisurely breakfast, Ari went to warm up with her teammates.

After she finished two laps, and three hours later, she was able to eat right away, thanks to COMotion!

Your choice of post-race hydration!

Her team earning their 9th consecutive win for cross country!




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