Friday Saturday Sunday


Ari and I had a quick trip to Virginia for a little decompression, and to visit with friends and family. We were laughing in Denver when we discovered our plane was our former state of New Mexico!

On the left, Carla (Ari's Aunt), Ariana, Nancy (Ari's Godmother), and Julia (Ari's Grandmother).

It has been too long since we saw Ari's godparents! It was great to catch up...

Food prep! We were treated to lunch, which was fantastic. Max is a little pup from Bolivia.
Poor thing is about 16 years old. He was pure black when Ariana was a little girl!

Ari got a new laptop for her birthday! What a lucky girl! Here she is already multi-tasking taking a video of herself while texting...

Yup, she is spoiled; new Ray Bans from Aunt Carla; and a yummy dinner in DC.